College or Post-Secondary Search

Let LD RESOURCE GROUP simplify the process of finding the right educational option for students with learning disabilities.

Searching for a college or post-secondary program can be difficult under normal circumstances. Trying to find one for the LD, ADD or ADHD student is even more confusing.  High school personnel, parents of students with learning disabilities and the students themselves are often frustrated when seeking suitable post-secondary learning situations. There are no consistent patterns of programs or services for these students at the college level.

Today, more colleges than ever before are admitting students with learning disabilities, however most are not prepared to offer students the support services they need and to which they have become accustomed.

Research has proven that students with learning disabilities have been successful in high school because they have utilized the accommodations and support made available to them in class.   They also tend to have higher GPAs and college graduation rates if they continue to use the supports and accommodations for which they are eligible in college and post-secondary alternative settings.

While the selection of the right college is important to every student, it is critical to the success of the student who needs specific support services and the right environment to succeed.

High school students with Learning Disabilities, ADD, or ADHD who want to continue with some form of post-secondary studies should be encouraged to pursue their goals…. but they need to be guided to those schools that can offer the best opportunity for success.